Chinese Robot for needle-free injections

Chinese Robot for needle-free injections

Facing the global public health crisis brought by COVID-19, the world is experiencing a great change in the past hundred years. New products and clinical applications of medical device innovation have been challenged. As the most outstanding country in the world's epidemic prevention and control work, China is bound to face enormous pressure in the post epidemic era in the vaccination of new crown vaccines and other vaccines. The combination of artificial intelligence and needle free technology has become an urgent direction of medical research in China.

In 2022, the first Chinese intelligent needle free vaccine injection robot jointly developed by Shanghai Tongji University, Feixi technology and QS medical was officially released, the intelligent robot technology has become lead, and the combination of needle free technology and intelligent robot is the first attempt in China.

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The robot uses the world's leading 3D model recognition algorithm and adaptive robot technology. Combined with the design of needle-free syringe mechatronics, it can automatically identify an injection location on the human body, such as the deltoid muscle.By attaching the end of the syringe to the human body vertically and tightly, it improves the injection effect and lessens the pain. Its arm can precisely control pressure on the human body during the injection to ensure safety.

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Drug injection can be completed within half a second with accuracy reaching 0.01 milliliters, which can be applied to different vaccine dose requirements. With injection depth controllable, it also can be applied to different kinds of vaccines injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly, and meet the injection demands of different groups of people. Compared to needles, the injection is safer and helps people with their fear of needles and avoid the risk of cross injections. 

This vax robot for needle-free injector will be using the TECHiJET ampoule this ampoule is needle-free and the dosage capacity is 0.35 ml ideally for vaccination, it safer and effective. 

Post time: Apr-29-2022